Channel Lettering

We Create Channel Letter Signs for You

Are you aware of the link between channel letters and branding?
Do you know a good signage can communicate a message directly to your targeted audience?
It is therefore at The Sign Doctor we put greater efforts to create custom channel letter signs which attract the right target. We can design different type of channel letters including neon, acrylic, 3D, reverse, lighted, LED, illuminated, and many more, to demonstrate what customers can expect.

Let us cater friendly and inviting channel letter signs.

The signage works well when implemented appropriately, i.e. they should be clear and help distinguishing your services. Regardless of your business in Orlando, we can produce channel letters which are not only attractive and appealing, but also define your business, services, and products ideally.

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Why Your Business Needs Channel Letters?

Basically channel letters are custom made signages which are frequently illuminated. These are widely available in three dimensional, making them perfect to fetch attention of the potential customers. You can get them placed outside public and commercial buildings.
When placed on any corporation or franchise, these help organizations by making them easily identifiable. So, not only your regular customers and clients in Orlando, but also the new ones searching for your services/ products will be able to recognize you.

The Sign Doctor can customize channel letters for you.

We aim to maximize your identity. Hence, with us you will get an exactly match for your brand.

How The Sign Doctor Can Help Your Business?

We know using channel letters is one of the finest ways to display your brand and information. Thus, we provide businesses with clean and prominent display. The Sign Doctor helps drafting a signage which creates immediate trust.

Get your custom channel letter signs and advertise 24/7!

Whether you need three-dimensional illuminated channel letters or high-profile signage applications, we can provide them in reverse, open face and standard U-shaped channels. The Sign Doctor takes it pride in being the sign manufacture and sign installer specialist in Orlando.

When you need top-notch signs, we are there to help!