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Digital Out of Home Media: Empowering Outdoor Advertisement

Digital out of home advertising or DOOH is a fine example of how technology has reshaped the world of advertising.

Technology has played an important role in business advertising since the latter’s beginning. From printing press, radio, TV to the Internet, marketers have used various mediums to reach their message to the audience.

Digital out of home media advertising or DOOH is a recent example of technology’s positive impact on advertising. For example, digital billboards display video and scroll the content, rather than showing still content. It enhances the visibility and interaction as well. You can see digital banners placing over the bus or rail. Many businesses are placing outdoor LEDs showcasing their ads. DOOH also includes kiosks, stand-alone screens and other interactive media installed in public places. They have just taken the outdoor advertising to the next level.

According to one study, $4.5 billion is expected to be spent on DOOH advertising in the U.S. by 2019, an increase of approximately $1.2 billion from 2016.

A research by Zenith also found that DOOH will grow faster globally than other methods while PricewaterhouseCoopers speculates that DOOH signs can earn more revenue than traditional media in 2020.

Let’s have a look over the benefits of DOOH for your business.

Being a Blur Line between Traditional and Digital Advertising:

A digital sign can be found or installed anywhere like a traditional billboard. Besides, the content is controlled and in motion just like in internet or mobile advertising. Simply put, DOOH gives you the benefit of both traditional and digital advertising.

Increased Visibility and More Engagement:

DOOH advertising has also been proved useful in brand visibility and engagement as well. For example, digital signs attract attention when placed in a public or busy area. A person is likely to view the “moving content” over the screen for longer than a static one like a printed banner.

Easy to Update:

Digital outdoor media lets you update or display the content the way you want.

For All Businesses:

No matter if you are a restaurant or a gas station, digital outdoor advertising media is idle for all business types. Make sure to place them at strategic location where you can capture maximum attention.

What to Consider Before Opting for a Digital Out of Home Medium?

There is no doubt that using digital outdoor advertising media is the right move to influence and attract audience. However, advertising content is the life and soul of your “marketing efforts.” So make sure to ponder over what to display. The other thing you would like to consider is budget. There is no need to go for a massive billboard if a small kiosk or a screen fit in your budget or space as well.

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